Overnight Oats

Need a quick and easy breakfast solution? We have you covered with our delicious grab n' go oats! Apple pie spiced oats, soaked in almond milk and yoghurt. Topped off with honey, mixed berries and almonds.

Rolled Oats | Apple Pie Spice | Mixed Berries | Greek Yoghurt
| Almond Milk | Honey | Toasted Almonds 


CALS: 464  P: 17.7g  C: 64.7g  F: 15.2g


Almond Milk (33.3%), Low Fat Yoghurt (25.6%), Rolled Oats (18%) Mixed Berries (13.8%) [Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries], Honey (4.1%), Almonds (2.7%) Cinnamon (<1%), Nutmeg (<1%), Cardamom (<1%)