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The men behind MacroBite

Stuart | Co-Founder

A jack of his trade, Stuart has worked in every aspect of food over his 15 years in the industry. From humble beginnings in meat processing learning about quality produce and standards to working under world recognised chefs and designing and curating menus for countless cafes across Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, Stuart is trained in a variety of cuisines from classic French and Italian to Middle Eastern. Currently working in the position of head chef, as he has for the past five years in restaurants located across Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, Stuart brings specialist knowledge and quality cooking technique to the Macrobite community.

Andrew | Co-Founder

Shucking oysters at his stepfather's fish shop from a young age, Andrew developed a passion for the ocean and the food it provides, ultimately fuelling his decision to pursue a career in cheffing. Over the next 6 years, Andrew worked in restaurants along the New South Wales coastline and expanded his culinary expertise from seafood to produce a broad array of dishes from around the world. Having developed a passion for exercise later in life, Andrew left hot kitchens behind in favour of equally hot gyms and became a personal trainer. The fusion of Andrews vast health and nutritional knowledge combine with his love for food to create Macrobite where he helps his clients achieve a healthier lifestyle and smash their goals.

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