Macro Breakdown

Product Protein Carbs Fats Calories
Thai Green Curry 50.2g 57.8g 8.3g 504
Preserved Lemon Chicken 48.4g 53.8g 14.6g 557
Chicken and Prawn Paella 43.6g 58.4g 6.4g 485
Salsa Chicken and Spiced Rice 35.6g 55.5g 8.2g 456
Grass-fed Rump Steak 47g 31.7g 11.7g 442
Con Carne Cottage Pie 24.4g 36g 12g 368
Shakshuka w/ Beef 42g 47.2g 21.4g 552
Meatballs w/ Sweet Potato 47.5g 25.4g 17.6g 468
Mediterranean Salmon 36.6g 7.2g 22.7g 394
Baked Falafel w/ Sweet Potato 14.4g 48.1g 11.2g 382
Shakshuka w/ Egg 14.1g 42.9g 9.8g 337
Vegetarian Paella 10.1g 48.1g 2.7g 282
Grass-fed Rump Steak (Keto) 44.8g 4.7g 11.7g 320
Preserved Lemon Chicken (Keto) 50.2g 4.5g 15.5g 375
Overnight Oats 17.7g 64.7g 15.2g 464
Banana Protein Pancakes 28.4g 29.6g 18.6g 420
Lamb and Apricot Tagine 40.6g 62.7g 12.3 547
Burrito Bowl 39g 48.5g 23.5g 562
Keto Burrito 40.6g 9.7g 25.1g 427
Peri-Peri Beef Wrap 31.2g 38.1g 14.7g 425
Falafel Wrap 13.8g 50.8g 8.9g 282
Harissa Chicken 46.4g 51.5g 7.5g 459
Harissa Chicken (Keto) 44.7g 6g 7g 266
Protella Protein Balls 5.9g 14g 12.8g 195
Snikkers Protein Balls 5.5g 16g 10.9g 184
Salted Caramel Slice 6.5g 26.2g 23.6g 343

* The quantities listed have been measured based on a single serving size (as defined in the FSANZ certified nutritional information panel of each dish). Actual serving sizes may vary slightly.