Chicken and Prawn Paella

This flavour packed, one-pan Spanish classic is a sure fire way to bring your taste buds to life. Olé! 

Saffron Spiced Rice | Tender Chicken Breast | Australian Prawns | Fresh Tomato
| Green Peas | Lemon and Parsley

Gluten Free
Contains: Dairy

CALS: 485  P: 43.6g  C: 58.4g  F: 6.4g


Paella Rice (43%) [white rice, chicken stock, Paprika, Saffron], Chicken Breast (21.5%), Prawns (10.7%),tomatoes (10.7%), Green Peas (6.4%), Lemon (4.4%), Onion (2.1%), Butter (0.4%).