Harissa Chicken (Keto)

We're spicing up the dinner table with our grilled harissa chicken. Acting as the hero of this otherwise simple dish, our homemade savory, sweet, smoky and spicy harissa chili paste has all the flavour markers to excite your senses.

Not a fan of spice? We've got you covered. Our cooling, yoghurt based, Raita sauce is served on the side to offset the heat.

Grilled Chicken Breast | Broccolini | Asparagus | Spanish Onion | Fresh Lemon | Raita

Gluten Free
Contains: Dairy (Raita sauce only - packaged separately)
May contain: Nuts

CALS: 266  P: 44.7g  C: 6g  F: 7g


Chicken Breast (43%), Broccoli (13%), Asparagus (13%), Spanish Onion (13%), Greek Yoghurt (7%), Lemon (7%), Cucumber (1%), Olive Oil (<1%), Salt and Pepper (<1%).