Mediterranean Salmon

Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic salmon cooked to perfection and served with a host of healthy veggies. This nutrient dense dish will keep you satiated and fuelled without breaking the bank on your calorie intake.

Low Carb, High Satisfaction!

Moroccan Spiced Salmon Fillet | Blistered Cherry Tomatoes | Kalamata Olives | Roast Seasonal Veg | Harissa Yoghurt | Lemon and Parsley

Gluten Free
Contains: Fish

CALS: 394  P: 36.6g  C: 7.2g  F: 22.7g



Atlantic Salmon (34.3%), Cherry Tomatoes (17.1%), Capsicum (11.4%), Zucchini (11.4%), Broccoli (8.5%), Greek Yoghurt (7.1%), Lemon (5.7%), Spices (1.1%) [ Salt, Parsley, Chilli, Harissa], Olive Oil (0.6%)